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"Well Said"

'The Ultimate Newsletter for Minor Hockey'

Summer 2004
Issue 1

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WELCOME to the puck drop of WELL SAID! - 'The Ultimate Newsletter for Minor Hockey'. This first issue from The Hockey Source is a creation by Kevin Huhn and his support team. Their focus is the betterment of minor hockey everywhere. This newsletter, along with the supporting website and television show is part of that vision. Whether you are a Player, Coach, Manager, Official, Trainer, Scout, Agent, Parent or Fan, you are sure to find valuable information on hockey topics.

***** In this issue *****

• Bettering the Game!
• Beethoven makes the cut
• About the Source
• Paying Coaches?
• A Pen from Space!
• Eating on the Run?

***** FEATURE STORY *****

'Bettering the game, by bettering the people' is the vision of Kevin Huhn, the creator and producer of The Hockey Source. It creatively combines television, the internet and print media to inform, entertain and empower those in and around minor hockey. 'I grouped them together to bring an on and off-ice perspective to minor hockey like never before', he said. 'My goal is to help people get valuable information about minor hockey around the world so they can make sound decisions and have more fun.'

On July 29, 2004 that dream will become a reality. The first phase of The Hockey Source, 'The Ultimate Resource for Minor Hockey' will be complete. The website ( will be available around the globe. The underlying premise of The Hockey Source is that success in hockey is not based on whether or not you make the NHL. It is about helping you be the best you can be in your role and it is about having fun doing it. The website, the 30-minute television show and this newsletter will provide tips, resources, 'How to's', interviews with experts and step by step information regarding tasks that surround minor hockey. Regardless of one's role, or depth of knowledge in minor hockey, it guarantees to have something for everyone.

Kevin is the author of 'Hockey-ology, The Ultimate Guide to Fun and Success for Minor Hockey'. His book is more than him sharing his knowledge with you. It is also a way for him to give back to teams and associations. During his years as both a player and coach, he has watched the costs of playing hockey sky rocket. 'I feel that everyone who wants to be a part of this game at the minor hockey level should not be hindered due to costs', he said. 'It is an invaluable life experience to be a part of a team'. For every book sold, part of the proceeds will be given to teams and associations across North America to help defer some of the costs.

Kevin is certified with Hockey Canada as an Advanced I Coach and holds a level III Theory certification with Coaching Canada. He has coached for the past 22 seasons at all levels of minor hockey, as well as at the College and Junior levels. Kevin also holds a certification from George Brown College in Toronto for Foundations in Teaching and Training, as well as a certificate from the National Quality Institute of Canada.


Beethoven's music teacher once said of him 'as a composer he is hopeless.'

Regardless of your role in Minor Hockey, if anyone says something to you that is less than supportive, they only become right if you take what they say as the truth. Only you can give their words power and validity.

***** ABOUT THE SOURCE *****

The intention of The Hockey Source is to provide you with insights from people who are involved in different roles within this popular sport of hockey. Just as is the case for players, coaches and officials, The Hockey Source is on the long road of development. Shaping up to its tag line 'The Ultimate Resource for Minor Hockey', The Hockey Source is pleased to welcome to its Subject Matter Expert (SME) panel: Dr. Michael Clarfield (Toronto Maple Leaf's team doctor), Sean Reid (OHL, CIAU Official), Phil Zullo (President of Pro-Fit), Paul Capizzano (Agent - AKT Sports) and Peter Jones (Master Instructor with Hockey Canada).

Each one of these experts has agreed to provide his knowledge and share his experience as it relates to minor hockey. 'We know that people involved in the game are always looking for qualitative answers to their questions', asserts Kevin. 'These resources will help provide the facts', he added.

The topics that these individuals will discuss and provide you insight on are:

• Injuries and Recovery - Dr. Clarfield
• Officiating - Sean Reid
• Off-ice conditioning - Phil Zullo
• Agents, advisors and player reps - Paul Capizzano
• Coaching - Peter Jones

Whatever your current level of understanding in the game, The Hockey Source will strive to provide you with information and a perspectives that you may not normally get. The Hockey Source will discuss the knowledge of these experts, the tasks and duties related to their roles, and in addition, the steps necessary to pursue that line of work. The Hockey Source will offer exclusive interviews, tips and 'How to's' on the website. It also will make these Subject Matter Expert's available to its viewers in various segments of the television show throughout the season.


It is not enough that a coach needs to be properly trained and certified. To step on the ice with a group of players, a coach in Canada must attend an abuse and harassment course as well. In extreme cases, some coaches are required to have a police check on their background. So why would anyone go through this kind of preparation to be a volunteer?

There are two arguments about paying or not paying a coach. Some say the cost to play hockey is high enough and if we pay coaches, costs will just keep climbing. Others argue that in order to get a quality person for the job, remuneration should be in place for them.

Now, there is no guarantee that offering money will ensure a team has a quality coach. Nor will it lower the turnover of coaches year after year. However, offering some form of remuneration might help to ensure that those interested in coaching approach the role more seriously. It might also change the outlook of that position in the eyes of players, parents and officials. Hockey Associations across Canada and the United States are looking into the possibility of remuneration being a factor in attracting and retaining qualified individuals as coaches.

Throughout the season The Hockey Source will continue to review this subject with a view to uncovering the myths and providing the facts about what would be best for the game.

The Hockey Source wants your feedback. If you have an opinion on this topic, please submit it to

***** SHOP THE SOURCE *****


Where you can purchase products that help make your life in hockey more enjoyable.

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***** DID YOU KNOW? *****

Hockey Parents! Are you racing between work and the arenas? Do you find yourself eating out more than at home? Don't despair. Most fast food chain restaurants, such as McDonalds, Tim Horton's, Burger King, and Pizza Hut offer a wider variety on their menu. Things like salads, wraps, breadsticks and soups are a great way to keeping your son or daughter fit with quality calories when you are on the run.

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