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Tuesday, January 16, 2018 7:53am
The Hockey Source TV Show
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The Hockey Source radio show was created to tackle the hot topics that surround the world of grass roots hockey. You'll hear from leading authorities and personalities who share tips, facts and stories on current issues and important topics like:

   Parenting today's athlete
•  State of Minor Hockey
  Coaching, Females in Hockey, Nutrition, Goaltending and more!
•  PLUS, in each show you will hear:

...Razor's Rant

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PODCASTS of the shows can be found here.

The Hockey Source TV Show
Tune in on Tuesdays for The Hockey Source NHL Network
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The Hockey Source television show was designed to address the specific needs of the world of youth hockey. The program provides information about the elements of the game from different perspectives. Each episode focuses on a theme with segments such as:

   Face-Off: Hot topics that surround youth hockey
  One on One: Interviews with the Subject Matter Experts
•  On the Road: An inside look how things get done
•  On-the-Ice: On-ice instruction
  Snapshots: History and evolution of the game
•  Around the Rink:
Correspondence from viewers

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